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This is Our Story

Johnny Cobble and Mike Franklin started Sunlimited Design in 1997 as a fence and deck company working primarily in Nashville and Franklin TN.  Prior to this, Johnny made custom cabinets, desks, counters, and just about anything else that could be made from wood.  Mike was a manager in the automotive service industry.  Their individual goals had always been to provide the customer with superior products and world class service and when they decided to go into business together, they vowed never to sacrifice in either area.

Johnny Cobble


Mike Franklin


As Sunlimited Design grew, so did their reputation, and they were soon building exquisite fences and decks all over middle Tennessee.  Although they worked in many kinds of media (iron, aluminum, composite, PVC), wood was always the favorite.   As Johnny has said time and again, “Wood has a personality.  Each piece has individual characteristics that cause every product made from it to be just a little bit different and unique.”  After years of purchasing post caps from a company in Texas, they got a call that the company was going out of business.  No problem, there are several other companies making post caps.   They tried the first… 3 weeks before the order ships.  Can’t afford to wait that long to finish a job.  The next… 8x8 caps were almost $30 each.  Customers can’t be expected to pay that much.  Third time’s a charm.  The company had good prices and promised fast shipping and quality products.  The caps made it, but the quality didn’t.  Later it was found out that the company was just a wholesaler and got all of their products from China.  That day, Mike told Johnny that he thought they could build those caps.  That night, they did just that.  That first cap was made in Mike’s basement.  Now, 15 years and hundreds of thousands of post caps later, they still love working with wood and providing you, the customer, with the finest cap money can buy.  Best of all, they are still made 100% in the hills of Tennessee, just like generations of woodworkers that came before them.