How do I determine the correct size cap to purchase:

When you order, you will be asked for the “exact post size.” Just measure across the post as shown in the picture. Don’t worry if the posts are a little different, we add 1/8″ for variances. Just enough room for an easy slip on but not so much as to give you a sloppy fit.

Could I put cedar caps on my pressure treated fence?

Western Red Cedar is a wonderful choice for any project, and the wood that we recommend. It has natural oils to resist bugs and decay, and will season to a dull grey, matching the PTP in a few months. The biggest benefit to using cedar as opposed to PTP is the cracking and warping that pressure treated wood is notorious for. Though all woods season and develop some cracks as time goes by, the PTP is by far the worst for this, especially when dealing with the small blocks such as post caps. If you decide that PTP is best for your application, we strive to use the best possible wood to keep warping to a minimum.

What if my posts are an odd size?

All caps are custom built to your specification. Although it may take a few days longer to get your caps, we are able to give you an excellent fit whether you have standard 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 post, wrapped posts, 4 x 6, or even 8 x 8 or larger. Just give us a call and let us know what you need, we will work with you to get the right cap for your project.

Is shipping really free?

If your cap order totals $199 and your shipping address is inside the continental US, the UPS ground shipping is on us! We have no surprise charges. The price shown is the price you pay. Orders sent to Tennessee shipping addresses will have the 9.25% state sales tax added to the total. All COD orders have a $10 COD charge added to the total.

Other companies sell only cases; can I buy an odd number of caps from you?

Why buy 24 caps if you need only 19. We could never really understand the logic behind selling post caps by the case, so feel free to order exactly what you need, be it 1 or 100.

How long does it take to get the caps?

Because we custom build each order to your specifications, it is usually 3 to 5 days before the order ships. We will give you an exact shipping day when you place the order. All orders are shipped UPS ground and shipping time varies depending on your location. The caps ship from Cookeville, TN 38506.

Do you offer bulk pricing?

We try to make the prices affordable for everyone. If you need a large number of caps, we offer volume discounts with as few as 100 caps. Please call for more information.

Can you make the caps out of a specialty wood?

We will gladly make caps from any variety of wood that you choose. We normally stock Pressure Treated Pine, Western Red Cedar and Redwood, so it will take a few days longer to receive your caps if you need them made from another wood species.

Do you make copper topped caps?

We do not have copper tops at this time.

What is the best way to place an order?

We have several options available for you to place your order. You can either call us toll free at 931-260-6989 or use our convenient secure online order form. If you have special requests for sizes, shipping, etc., please call. You will need to have the actual size of your post when you order. If you are not sure, just measure across the top of the post.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and COD. There is a $10 charge for all COD orders. Fence companies, suppliers, distributors, etc. may be able to set up an account. Call for details.

Should you protect your caps? We recommend it, but you decide...

Properly seasoned wood that stays dry is not subject to decay, premature failure of paints and finishes, and problems associated with weathering, such as excessive splitting and checking, raised grain, extractive bleed, and discoloration.

Water is one of wood’s worst enemies. Whether in the form of vapor or liquid, water can cause shrinking and swelling, which can lead to dimensional changes of the wood and degradation of the finish. Water causes decay or rot of the wood and early failure of paint, and it accelerates the weathering of wood exposed outdoors.

Some woods have natural durability against decay (rot). Others can be made durable through treatment with preservatives. Durable species such as redwood and cedar are commonly used for wood exposed outdoors, such as siding, shakes and shingles, decks, furniture, and fences. Durability is imparted by natural chemicals, which are contained in extractives in the heartwood of these species. Water repellents (WRs) and water-repellent preservatives (WRPs) are penetrating wood finishes that increase the durability of wood by enabling the wood to repel liquid water. This ability to repel liquid water is imparted by a wax, an oil or a similar water-repelling substance. By repelling water, WRs and WRPs enable wood to resist decay and discoloration by wood-decay fungi, which need moisture to live. The addition of a fungicide to the water repellent, which converts the WR to a WRP, further enhances the effectiveness of the finish by inhibiting the growth of mildew and decay fungi. Water repellents and WRPs also decrease the swelling and shrinking that lead to cracking and warping. In wood species that contain colored water-soluble extractives, such as redwood and cedar, WRs and WRPs also help reduce the discoloration caused by extractive bleed.

Do you ship to Canada?

We will gladly ship caps to our neighbors to the North. Unfortunately, you cannot order online. Please call us at 931-260-6989 to place the order. You will be responsible for shipping charges and any associated fees or tariffs.

What is your privacy policy?

We will not sell or otherwise use any personal information for any reason other than getting your caps to you!

Was your question not addressed? Ask us directly! We’ll be glad to assist.

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